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Shuttering Ply Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh
Shuttering Ply in Uttar Pradesh

Shuttering Ply in Uttar Pradesh

Naini Plywood is one of the leading Shuttering Ply Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh. Our offered ply is composed and densified boards used primarily for formworks in construction. These boards are composed of aligning various coatings of phenolic resin-coated veneers, individually positioned at right angles to each other. Both top and bottom surfaces are immune with a doubled coated of moisture repellent phenolic layers so that the top film on either side is backed by a highly porous kraft sheet which improves resistant and water-resistant attributes.

This ply is constructed with sleek film from both sides of its face. Shuttering ply from nainiply is boiling waterproof. The ply here is made up of the highest quality. The ply is produced after continuous experiments to maintain the industry standards. Our clients can acquire the Plywood in customized sizes according to their needs.

Features of Shuttering Ply:

  • • The material is manufactured with selected hardwood and is a robust product.
  • • This Plywood can withstand the load and force.
  • • They can withstand vibrations that are encountered during the process of concrete.
  • • Resistant to moisture.
  • • Resistant to weather conditions.

Specification of Shuttering Ply:

  • • For Modulus of Rupture: 32.5 N/mm2 for Parallel to face grain. 22.5 N/mm2 for Perpendicular to face grain.
  • • Tensile Strength: 45 N/mm2 for Parallel to face grain. 45 N/332 for Perpendicular to face grain.
  • • Modulus to elasticity: 3600 N/mm2 for parallel to face grain. 6700 N/mm2 for perpendicular to face grain.
  • • For the weight of 30 kg, the density is 0.85g/cm3. The thickness is 12mm.
  • • For a weight of 34 kg, the density is 0.95/cm3. The thickness is 12mm.

Uses of Shuttering Ply:

They are used in Construction works. They are extensively used in making bridges, flyovers, beams, roofing, and railway coaches.

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