Plywood Manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh
Location Rudrapur, Uttrakhand
Plywood Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh
Plywood in Uttar Pradesh

Plywood in Uttar Pradesh

Naini Plywood is one of the leading Plywood Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh, India. The Plywood here is highly durable and has unmatched strength. It has a different style and design to match urban and modern living.

The Plywood here is made up of three thin layers of wood. Each layer is bonded together with an adhesive. The layers are placed at the right angles to reduce the shrinkage and enhance the strength. Our clients can acquire the Plywood in customized sizes according to their needs.

Features of Plywood:

  • • They are made up of 100% Composed Core.
  • • Have Thicker Gurjan Face.
  • • Waterproof.
  • • Fungus and Weather resistant.
  • • 100% High-Quality Wood.

Specification of Plywood:

  • • Local Planeness: Less than 150
  • • No De-Laminates at the high range of humidity.
  • • Modulus of elasticity: Minimum 5000 N/
  • • Modulus of Rupture: Minimum N/
  • • 8*4ft core panel screw holding capacity.

Uses of Plywood:

They are exclusively used in commercial and domestic settings. Users use them in partition and panelling also. They are used on the ceilings of the office rooms, corridors, computer rooms, furniture, and signboards.

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