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Flush Door Manufacturer in Rudrapur
Flush Door in Rudrapur

Flush Door

Naini Plywood is one of the leading Flush Door Manufacturer. Flush Door refers to the door with facings on both sides. They are used with high requirements of cross ventilation and light. They are manufactured with the composition of wooden strips. The strips are placed edge-to-edge and sandwiched between the veneers. They are bonded together under high temperatures with the help of synthetic resin.

Our offered flush doors are stunning, stylish, refined and come with readily usable options to decorate your houses, offices, etc. They are also long-lasting and dimensionally sturdy with immaculate upkeep systems.

Features of Flush Door:

  • • The doors are robust.
  • • Resistant to extreme weather conditions.
  • • The doors are Noise-proof and will prevent irritants like heat and dust.
  • • The doors are durable enough and are not affected by borers and fungus.
  • • They are very beautiful and shower aesthetic vibe.

Specification of Flush Door:

  • • The length dimensions are +3mm.
  • • 2.0 mm is the general flatness.
  • • 0.2mm is the local flatness.
  • • Impact Indentation is 0.10 mm.
  • • Shock Resistant: Can take up to 10 impacts.

Uses of Flush Door:

Flush doors are mainly used in hospitals for noise cancellations. They are also used in residential areas, office commercials, and hotels.